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Food for Thought

Consumers are often daunted with the task of hiring a competent contractor at a reasonable price. Contractors' bids may differ hundreds of dollars. We hope the following will help make the task easier.

To Bid or not to Bid?
As a consumer write out your project's specifications, including sample building materials and fixtures. Make copies for each contractor you wish to submit a bid. The more detailed the specifications, the easier it will be to compare bids because all the contractors will be using the same fixtures and materials in their cost breakdown.

What do I really want?
You may want to hire a designer to create project specifications if you're not comfortable doing them yourself. We will design your project after consultation with a small deposit. Specifications for a finished basement project might include cabinets, flooring, doors, drywall, electrical, plumbing, and appliances. Do not forget custom carpentry such as beverage bars.

What will it cost me?
Compare apples to apples. Provide cost breakdown sheets for all prospective contractors to make comparing bids easier. Use expense, material, fixture, and labor categories for example on your bidding sheets.

Remember to provide exact details so each contractor can provide accurate bids and to avoid disappointment in your finished project.




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